Robotics is a combined application of Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science Engineering and other for the development of smart and intelligent robots which can perform the task by their own with negligible human interference .

ROBOTICS Module -1 : Electrical & Electronics

Learn Basic concepts in Electronics

  • Learn to make , design and simulate Circuits
  • Power Distribution
  • Learn to make Sensor
  • Hardware Integration with MCU
  • PCB Board designing
  • Actuator Integration with MCU via relay and Solenoid

ROBOTICS Module -2 : Mechanical Designing

Learn CAD Modelling

  • Part Designing Development
  • Assembly of parts
  • Kinematics Simulation
  • Failure Analysis - Stress -Strain
  • DXF File generation for Laser Cutting
  • Stl File for 3D Printing

ROBOTICS Module -3 : Programming

  • Learn Programing in Arduino
  • Learn Python for coding in Raspberry
  • Compiling and Uploading program sketch to your Bot
  • Optimize your code


Learn to make different types of Robots :-.

  • Line Follower bot
  • Path Memorising bot
  • Home Automation
  • Fire fighting Robot
  • Self Nevigation and path finder Robot

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